In 2004, my mother became seriously ill. I realized then that I still had so many questions for her. About who she used to be, about her dreams, big and small. I also realized I hadn’t told her often how important she was to me. That’s when I created My Mother’s Book, a book of questions I had about her life. It was my way of saying how much I loved her. I’ll never forget the day she gave the finished book back to me. I was hoping to get answers to my questions. I got back so much more. My mom loved filling out the book, sharing pictures I’d never seen and stories I’d never heard before. What once was an empty book had become the most precious gift I will ever receive in my life: the story of my mom and me.

I could never have dreamt that 4 million people worldwide would write their own stories with the help of my books. Over the years, I’ve heard many stories, from (grand)mothers, (grand)fathers and children who have loved learning to connect, share, and remember. It’s made the book even more special. They touched me, made me smile and made me think. It also resulted in me making it my mission to help as many people as possible to make real contact in the busy world we live in.

About this website

I hope you will use this community as a place to share your stories and be inspired. It’s meant to be a central point for making, sharing and keeping memories. I hope to inspire you with my own stories and social media, the stories of others, tips to start writing and much more. But most of all, I hope you feel free to share your own story here. That way, your story will be of inspiration to others too.

So please, join my mission and make, share and keep memories with the people that matter most to you.

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