The most beautiful gift ever

There we are, together in a picture. A very dear picture to me, because in 2004 I just could not imagine that it would ever be possible to take such a photograph. At that time, I decided to turn my life around completely. Had you told me then, that I would think of concepts and books aiming to connect people, I probably would not have believed you. I had nice lady friends, liked going out and had a great job, but everything changed overnight when my mother got seriously ill.

After the doctors had told us she didn’t have long to live, I realized there were still many questions left unanswered. There were so many things I did not know of her, and I also felt I had not told her often enough how much she meant for me. That’s why I made the book Mam, vertel eens for her. I filled the book with questions, and really wanted to get it back full of answers. So, there would be something to remember her, forever.

Life can be strange at times. My mother has amazed her doctors by not accepting their verdicts, but instead deciding herself when it would be time for her to go. The time we got to spent together, has been the greatest gift ever. She accepted the very first book, and encouraged me to make more books, and follow my heart. Furthermore, she became a grandmother. I got so much more time with her than I could have hoped for. Together we talked endlessly, and I dare say now that I actually knew, and loved her for whom she was.