Why my mother hid behind a tree

The day I gave my mother my book Mam, vertel eens, I hoped that in return all my questions would be answered. What I received turned out to be so much more. The answers she wrote in the book became the starting point of many conversations. About who she used to be, the person she had become, her dreams for the future. She also told me stories about what kind of person I used to be when I was younger.

One of the stories that still make me smile is about the day I finally was old enough to go to school. I really wanted to walk alone, as I considered myself to be a very mature toddler. My mother did not think that was a good idea at all, but I wanted it so much that she finally let me go. And there I went. All alone. At least, that was what I thought. I never knew that in actual fact she followed me, and hid behind a tree, so I could not see her.

I am convinced that behind all young children who believe in themselves, there are parents who believed first. My mother did it, and I am very grateful to her. The stories and conversations that came from and were triggered by the book Mam, vertel eens, made me realize more than ever how special she has always been. I do hope this book does the same for all mothers and children who give it away and get it back, full of stories.

I would love to hear whether you are able to take a trip down memory lane and tell stories about you and your mother, that make you smile time after time…